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Greek Villas philosophy focuses on offering travellers the opportunity to experience the beauty of Greece and the Greek Lifestyle in an exquisite private villa, with personalized service.

All our villas offer housekeeping service, depending on the villa and the guests' requirements and offer high-quality bedding and linens. 

Let our daily concierge service guide you to maximise the enjoyment of your stay in Greece - Allow our insider knowledge guide you in selecting the right destination for you, and helping you to enjoy your destination. 
Our knowledgeable team is devoted to providing you with the ideal solution for a memorable holiday in Greece.


We love Greece and our mission is to make Greece your second home.

Why book with Greek Villas?

We are professional villa collectors. and search for hidden gems all around the beautiful Greek islands and seaside resorts on the Peloponnese and the Athenian Riviera,. We get our thrills when attaining that much desired peek into some of the most beautiful private homes. Meeting the owners and being shown around their villas is a great privilege that gives us real pleasure.   Acquiring the owners' consent to allow visitors to use their private holiday villa for a holiday is our greatest satisfaction. Many villas are not to be seen in any site and belong to a Closed Doors Collection. These are our VIP villas and we offer information on our discretion.

Our guests are mainly homeowners themselves, who respect the privilege of staying in a private villa and who will treat the property like their own.