The word luxury is sometimes misunderstood - that is why we try not to use it too often, as we feel that the concept of luxury is very elusive.

In our book, luxury is not about gold taps and velvet drapes. The reason is that we are dealing with Greece a country of rich tradition with special architecture and building styles, and our villas are chosen to offer visitors a true Greek Lifestyle experience.  Greek architecture can be stark and minimalistic from long experience of what suits the weather conditions and local values. 

Luxury to us is about privacy, elegance, good taste in a beautifully constructed private villa in a prime location and simplicity can be gold in the right circumstances. After all, when we are on holiday and sitting by a pool all day, we don't want brocade sofas. Stunning views is an expression that may be cliche, however we do believe that our villas are blessed with them, so yes, we do offer villas with stunning views, but each is in a different and unique location, some are on the cliffs with panoramic  360 degree views, and others are on the seaside.

As the choice can seem overwhelming to you as a visitor to our site, we ask that you tell us about yourself and give us your priorities, so that we can create a short list to suit you.