There’s more to life than thread count and butler service. At least that’s what luxury travellers these days are telling themselves.

This year’s Virtuoso Luxe Report included finding out the top reasons why affluent travellers travel, and the second top reason is to seek authentic experiences. (First reason is “to explore new destinations”, which is pretty much a given reason that transcends to all kinds of travellers)

Because luxury travel doesn’t just mean 5-star accommodation and first/business class flights, most in the hospitality industry know that luxury travellers are busy (they do work hard and vacation hard), and therefore have filled this need by becoming a ‘one stop shop’ for travellers.

Well, staying in a holiday villa is not a hotel, but we can transform a private villa into a unique stay and experience.

The most obvious benefits of staying in a holiday villa is the absolute privacy and the wide space available for your use only.  All travellers who remember booking holidays in a luxury hotel , only to find that the sun beds were permanently 'bagged' by 8 o'clock every morning and stayed that way till the evening

Here are 6 types of activities and unique stay experiences that we in Greek VIllas offer to our guests to create the inspirational experience worth coming back for.

1. Food and Wine tasting tours

2. Guided hiking tours through forests with gurgling clear streams and little village inns

3. Kite Surfing for the active who want a surge of adrenalin.

4. Yoga in your own private villa as a yoga retreat 

5. Cooking lessons in your villa and learning to master the art of Greek cooking.